A bowl filled with iceberg lettuce, chicken, corn, black beans, cilantro lime rice, pico de gallo, and a dollop of sour cream.

Burrito Bowl

What is it about these yummy bowl meals that makes them so incredibly delicious and yet comforting too? And let’s not forget to mention they’re filling and packed with good clean ingredients. I’m so thankful these became the craze in the past year. How have I been missing out for years on this versatile dinner with the easiest meal prep…

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A slice of bread with cherry pie filling

Mountain Pies

Mountain pies are one of the easiest and best tasting recipes to eat around the campfire. You only need 3 easy ingredients to enjoy these homemade pies for an after dinner dessert. And would you believe the hardest part of preparing mountain pies is deciding which delicious fruit pie filling to use? Growing up my favorite was always apple; now…

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A plate of brownie cookie sandwiches

Brownie Cookie Sandwiches

Let’s just say it now– these fudgy brownie cookie sandwiches are the ultimate indulgence. You will be wooed by the taste of buttercream frosting sandwiched between two fudgy brownie cookies. This dessert combo is sweet, fudgy, chewy, and with a creamy rich filling. Just one bite into these and you won’t forget them. You’ll be smitten with this fudgy chocolate…

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Ice cream sandwiched between a top and bottom layer of yellow cake mix then topped with whipped topping and sprinkles.

Ice Cream Cake

Transform an ordinary cake into a surprising homemade ice cream cake with this simple, easy-to-follow guide. And as your family and friends ooh and aah over this yummy dessert, they’ll never guess just how effortless it was to make. There are so many dreamy and mouthwatering flavors in each bite… soft, moist vanilla cake with cold, smooth ice cream, and…

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A 3 layer cake frosted with buttercream icing and garnished with dried pineapple flowers.

Pineapple Cake

If you’re a huge fan of all things pineapple, then this is a must-bake cake. Interestingly, I’ve been looking to recreate the pineapple wedding cake from my destination wedding in Mexico over 11 years ago. So when I finally put the right ingredients together, I couldn’t wait enjoy slice of this homemade Pineapple Cake. And the 11 year wait was…

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Different 4th of July desserts

4th of July Desserts

Don’t let dessert stand in your way of an incredible 4th of July celebration. As a matter of fact plan to load up the dessert table with these delicious desserts. You’ll find a variety of easy to make recipes guaranteed to please a crowd. 4th of July desserts I absolutely love spending the day with my family. In years past…

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A child's hand reaching for a baking sheet full of fudgy brownie cookies.

Fudgy Brownie Cookies

These homemade gluten and dairy free fudgy brownie cookies have all the best parts of a brownie– the fudgy cake-like middle, chewy edges, and crackly crust. And let’s not forget about the decadent chocolate brownie flavor we all love and have to have. I’m not exaggerating when I say these cookies are my family’s latest sweet tooth obsession. We’re really…

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A plate full of vanilla ice cream sandwiches.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s only June, and my family is already complaining about the heat. Mind you we live in Montana and have only had one day above 90 degrees. But, we know what’s to come over the next few months. And nothing beats cooling off with frozen ice cream sandwiches. Really– what is better then ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip…

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Grilled Shish Kabobs

These juicy and delicious grilled shish kabobs are the PERFECT summer meal. You’ll definitely want to fire up the grill for this easy dinner idea. Load each kabob with your favorite meats, veggies, and get the barbie going. And while there’s no shortage of shish kabob recipes out there, I ran into trouble years ago finding a recipe that was…

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3 stacked lemon streusel bars with a lemon filling in between a crust and streusel topping.

Lemon Streusel Bars

These luscious lemon streusel bars are a sure way to win friends and influence others. What sets this lemon bar recipe apart from others is how the creamy and tangy lemon filling is sandwiched between a sweet, crumble streusel. And I know there many delicious lemon bar recipes. But trust me when I say this one is the best. Combining…

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