A platter full of peanut butter between two crackers then dipped in melted chocolate.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers

This is an unbelievably easy, no-fuss, Chocolate Peanut Butter Ritz Cracker recipe. Imagine rich chocolate dipped salty crackers, stuffed with creamy peanut butter. They’re so good, you’ll want to make a double batch because these treats won’t last long. As a sweet and salty snack– they’re truly the best of both worlds. You’ll find this no-bake recipe is perfect for…

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Several different photos of Halloween themed desserts from donuts to peanut butter spider cookies, and candy corn treats.

Halloween Dessert Roundup

All of these Halloween Desserts Roundup recipes are spooktacularly good. And with Halloween just right around the corner, you’ll want to make them all. You will find this Halloween Dessert Roundup has something for everyone. Included with this roundup are fun breakfast-for-dessert ideas, festive snack suggestions, and deliciously amazing desserts. Several of these recipes are egg free and soy free…

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5 different dishes for Thanksgiving Day mentioned in this post

Thanksgiving Recipes

Because Thanksgiving is a favorite time of year for so many, I wanted to share with you an exclusive place to find all the gluten and dairy free recipes you need to celebrate your best Thanksgiving yet. So here you’ll find more than 10 must-have classic Thanksgiving recipes including your favorite side dishes, like Green Bean Casserole, and desserts such…

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3 different desserts. 1 is pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, another is apple crisp in a bowl with ice cream on top, and lastly is 2 rectangle brownie pieces with white frosting zig zagging across them and googly eyes to look like mummies.

Best Fall Desserts

This round up of the Best Fall Desserts will meet every single one of your dessert needs this fall. And the best part is you won’t even believe these desserts are gluten and dairy free! I love serving these to my family in the fall, you could say many of them have become tradition. These best fall desserts not only…

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A baking dish full of creamy mushroom soup, tender green beans, and crispy fried onions.

Homemade Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole is a comfort food side dish with homemade creamy mushroom soup, tender green beans, and crispy French fried onions. This casserole recipe is the perfect addition to your meal, and no one can taste it’s gluten and dairy free. When I was growing up, this dish was one of my must-haves at every extended family get-together and…

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An old fashioned ice cream bowl with 3 big scoops of pumpkin ice cream.

Pumpkin Ice Cream

This creamy Pumpkin Ice Cream is a sure way to enjoy the change of seasons. And it doesn’t matter if the weather is still hot or has that Autumn chill in the air. This dreamy ice cream recipe is cool and refreshing– just like a slice of pumpkin pie. Honestly, this pumpkin ice cream recipe with spiced ginger and cinnamon…

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A bowl of sliced apples topped with a ooey gooey brown sugar, butter, and oatmeal mixture then with dairy free ice cream on top.

Classic Apple Crisp

This Classic Apple Crisp recipe is an easy old-fashioned dessert that makes you feel all warm and cozy– the ultimate comfort dessert, no matter the season. And what sets this recipe apart is there’s double the topping so everyone gets plenty. Made with fresh baked cinnamon apples and brown sugar oatmeal topping from simple pantry ingredients– it’s the perfect dessert.…

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Serving bowl with lasagna soup and dinner rolls.

Lasagna Soup

This easy one-pot Lasagna Soup has the flavors of homemade lasagna without all the work. You’ll find your favorite Italian ingredients perfectly simmered and ready to serve with fresh basil and topped with a dollop of dairy free ricotta to add creaminess to this soup. Made in just one pot, the flavors of this soup are comforting and delicious. This…

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Pecan Pie Bars

What’s not to swoon over in these ooey-gooey Pecan Pie Bars? Consider the buttery, shortbread crust topped with sweet filling and crunchy pecans. Then topped with a creamy whipped topping. This is the best and easiest way to enjoy pecan pie. The bars boast the same amazing flavor of pecan pie, only they’re much easier to make, bake, and serve.…

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Peanut butter cookies with an upside down peanut butter cup, with edible eyes, and frosting for 4 legs on each side.

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

Ready to up your Fall Harvest or Halloween plans with these fun and silly peanut butter spider cookies? I’ve yet to find anyone who didn’t just love the look and taste of these fall treats. Not only that they make me giggle and put me in the fall mood too. Are your kids like my boys who love spiders and…

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