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About Jill

Hi! I’m Jill, a gluten and dairy free foodie who’s always looking for the next best food trick, tip, or recipe!

I’ve been eating gluten and dairy free for over 10 years. My 3 children also eat gluten and dairy free. This blog will contain meal and snack ideas, tips on how to overcome struggles with making it all work for people on the go, and lastly how we travel worldwide with our food allergies.

However, let’s be honest and real…it is a struggle to maintain allergy-free diets. First of all, it can be crazy expensive (just ask the hubs!). Second, there is So.Much.Planning.Ahead. And some days it’s a real struggle to be so food organized and proactive for my kids and myself while trying to enjoy the moment…I know you all feel me on this. Those struggles will be real on this blog.

You’ll get the good, the bad, and the ugly of gluten and dairy free eating here.

I’ll also be sharing how I plan for birthday parties, holidays, food parties at school, traveling, and planning meals around sports practices. Our family travels often so it’s super valuable for us to pack food for car trips and flying. Trying to figure out food options in other states, or even other countries, usually isn’t easy unless you’ve been there before. So, there will be posts about airport food, packing ideas for cruising, navigating ports, and tips for eating in foreign countries.

In this blog you’ll notice we are just like you and we have lots going on. So I need our food to be prepared quickly and be affordable (who’s with me, y’all?!).  Please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Lastly, the food motto in our family is “Eat well and feel well.”

May you eat well and feel well today, too!