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About Us

Hi Y'all! I'm Victoria, a gluten and dairy free foodie, who's always looking to share the next best food trick, tip, or recipe!

Eating Gluten and Dairy Free was started as a place to share our favorite gluten free and dairy free recipes for our family and friends. Filled with affordable and flavorful recipes that aren't too hard to make.

Victoria and Dave from Eating Gluten and Dairy Free.

Dave and I have spent countless hours looking through recipes and finding ways to make things gluten free and dairy free for our 4 children.

This site contains meals, desserts, and snack ideas, and tips on how to overcome struggles with making it all work living with food allergies or intolerances.

Not only did we make Eating Gluten and Dairy Free to be budget conscious, but we wan to help you learn to be organized, have a plan, and plan out some meals using common ingredients- this saves money and time (not to mention saves you from a huge headache too!)

Plus, we have aim to arm you with an endless supply of delicious gluten free and dairy free meals so you don't have to ever be in fear that you don't have something safe for you or your family to enjoy.

Every holiday, every meal, every snack, it all needs to be gluten free and dairy free, and we aim to serve you all of these ideas on this site.

What will you find on Eating Gluten and Dairy Free?

You'll get the good, the bad, and the ugly of gluten and dairy free eating here.

  • To start, you'll find all our best gluten free and dairy free recipes.
  • I'll also be sharing how I plan for birthday parties, holidays, food parties at school, traveling, and planning meals around sports practices in these recipes to help make things easier for you too.
  • Our family travels often so it's super valuable for us to pack food for car trips and flying. Trying to figure out food options in other states, or even other countries, usually isn't easy unless you've been there before.
  • On this site, you'll notice we are just like you and we have lots going on. So we need our food to be prepared quickly and be affordable (who's with me, y'all?!). 

What kind of recipes will you find on the site?

I'd say all of our recipes on this site are ALL gluten free AND dairy free.

Occasionally, you may find a recipe that has dairy ingredients shown in images, or gluten ingredients show in pictures- usually these are recipes that I made for friends and family who can have those ingredients.

BUT, I will ALWAYS provide the substitution on how you can make them gluten and dairy free- because that's how my family NEEDS them.

What types of recipes can I find?

There are recipes here for every single meal, snack, or course on the site.

  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Brunch Recipes
  • Lunch Recipes
  • Snack Recipes
  • Dinner Recipes
  • Dessert Recipes
  • & everything in between
  • Holiday Recipes
  • Special Occasion Recipes
  • & more!

Who tests and tries the recipes?

Always know that these recipes have been developed, tried and tasted, by our team- moms just like you, dads just like you, people just like you who are eating gluten free and dairy free things and want them to taste good too.

They're made by me, my husband, friends, and family members too. We try them over and over again before we share them with you guys. And, sometimes, we send them out to a group of our audience FIRST to try before we share it on the site.

We want to work out any kinks before we share with you, find the best flavors for whatever dish it is, and of course, find ways to make everyone happy with filled bellies using our recipes.

Who are these recipes for?

They're for anybody eating a gluten free and dairy free diet. If you have picky kids- don't worry, my own set of picky kids are trying these recipes before we share them.

Plus, we have an endless list of safe kid snack ideas to help you get through the day.

If you are new to eating gluten free and dairy free, we have easy recipes and if you're a seasoned vet living the gf df life, we have recipes for you too.

If you're looking for a family favorite, try out Gluten and Dairy Free Lasagna- so easy and soooo filling.

Need a dessert to take to a gathering- trust me when I say, we are the designated Chocolate Cream Pie bringer to every gathering! In fact, we have to bring at least 2, sometimes 3 depending on the size of the crowd- and for good reason!

Where else can you find our recipes?

Well, here obviously! I also have an extensive following on our social media channels.

Please feel free to follow me on Facebook with over 10,000 of our other friends, on Pinterest so you can easily save recipes for later, or follow and stay up to date with us on Instagram with over 90,000 other followers.

If you're looking to get into our close group of gluten free and dairy free foodie friends, then you need to join my Facebook group and hop on our email list where we share all the exciting things going on behind the scenes and share what to expect with our upcoming posts.

All of our recipes have recipe cards at the bottom of each post. You can print these out so you can have them easily at your fingertips.

Or, you can get any of my cookbooks!


I have a few different cookbooks available. My first ever cookbook that was published was called, The Classics. It's a handful of my families favorite, classic recipes - all made with gluten free and dairy free ingredients.

They're ones we use on a regular basis and I hope you will too. It's available as an ebook cookbook that gets delivered right to your inbox in just a few clicks.

Then, I updated that cookbook with a few more of our favorites and made it available in a printed physical copy form. You can grab yours on Amazon.

And, most recently, I released a Gluten and Dairy Free Holiday Recipes Cookbook available as a digital ebook cookbook again. This one has so many recipes for various holidays throughout the year.

You can check out all 3 of my cookbooks and buy whichever, or all of them!

But you can find our recipes, not just here, in our cookbooks, and on socials, but we have been featured all over the web.

Where our recipes have been featured

Our delicious Pineapple Cake made its way into a fantastic Mother's Day Cake article on Parade. Our Pasta e Fagioli Soup recipe also made it into Parade!

A few of our recipes have made their way to the No Whey Chocolate's blog area and we are here for it! We love using No Whey Chocolates in so many recipes.

A few of our other recipes were featured on Insanely Good Recipes too!

If you love all the goodies from Chomps, you may have seen us over there too when they shared our Taco Bake recipe.

Our Chocolate Dessert Board was featured on Skip To My Lou.

These Raspberry Bars were featured on All Nutritious.

These are just a few of the places our recipes have been featured, but where we really want them, is right in your kitchen!

Lastly, the food motto in our family is "Eat well and feel well."

May you eat well and feel well today, too.

Some of My Top Recipes

As seen on Parade, No Whey Chocolates, Chomps, Insanely Good recipes, Eating Works and Tiny Beans logos.

Learn more about Victoria

Sure, that's a lot about all the cool stuff I've done on Eating Gluten and Dairy Free... but you might be wondering, who are YOU Victoria?

Well, I'm a mama on a mission. I'm on a mission to make some yummy food for the people who matter to me most, my husband and kiddos.

We have a small generational homestead (farm), where we live and my parents are our neighbors.

On the farmstead, we raise our own cows, pigs, turkeys, and chickens. Yes, that means we have our own source of beef, pork, turkey, chicken, and eggs.

Knowing where my food comes from is IMPORTANT to me and my family, so becoming self sustainable is something we are always working on.

I also like knowing how my food was raised. I like knowing that the animals were loved on all day by me and the kids, I love knowing what food they were fed, how they were treated, and ultimately that they were taken care of humanely.

It makes you value your food even more and in a new way that you may not have thought of.

These are some things I value and I love that I can pass these things down to my kids. It's something I have come to really feel passionate about in the last 6+ years.

When you eat well, you feel well as we always say!

Other fun facts about me:

  • I trained in martial arts growing up and have numerous black belts, and got to travel around the world competing in various marital arts competitions.
  • I'm a huge introvert.
  • I grew up rarely in the kitchen. Since I was at my marital arts studio 6 hours a night, there was no time to be eating dinner at home. So, my mom skipped out on the kitchen too. So, I never felt comfrotable in the kitchen until I was an adult and even that, I wasn't super comfortable until the last few years.
  • I was an only child for 16 years, then I had a baby brother and a few years after that, my parents adopted a little girl. There's 16 years between by brother and I and 21 between my sister and I.
  • I was born at 25 weeks- back in 1989, that was unheard of... and I'm blessed to say I don't have any of the big health issues they KNEW I "was going to have". Crazily enough, I went into labor with our oldest at 25 weeks pregnant- but, luckily, medicine has come a long way since my birth and I was able to stop labor and keep her baking away for another couple weeks.

Now, you know more about Victoria and how this site, Eating Gluten and Dairy Free was formed!