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Caramel Apple Cookies

These soft, Caramel Apple Cookies are all flavor with warm apple pie spice, shredded fresh apple, sweet apple juice. And they’re topped with a thick, brown sugar frosting and roasted pecans for the ultimate fall indulgence. We have been so excited to share this latest recipe obsession to hit our home with you. These Caramel Apple Cookies melt in your…

A cutting board with golden colored apple bread with a thick, white glaze over the top next to 3 red apples and a jar filled with apple cider.

Apple Spice Loaf

This warm and cozy glazed Apple Spice Loaf Bread is anything but ordinary. Instead this recipe is extraordinarily moist and deliciously flavored with apple butter and all the best fall spices. As an added bonus this recipe is incredibly quick and easy to prepare. And flavor-wise it does not get anymore autumn than this. This beautifully golden-colored sweet quick bread…

A loaf of bread still in the pan with a spoon drizzling white drizzle across the top in a zig zag motion next to a green Granny Smith apple and a cup of coffee.

Apple Fritter Bread

You won’t believe how tender these apple cinnamon sugar chunks are in this moist Apple Fritter Bread. And a sweet cinnamon sugar topping and drizzle adds extra glam and flavor to this old-fashioned quick bread. No one will forget enjoying a slice of this delicious homemade bread. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this quick bread any time of the year.…