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Small white crocks filled with diced sweet potatoes, ground beef, navy beans, topped with diced purple onions next to fresh cilantro and jalapeno peppers.

Sweet Potato Chili

Here’s a warm, cozy recipe packed with flavor. Sweet Potato Chili is loaded with tender sweet potato chunks, seasoned ground beef, hearty kidney beans, delicate red bell peppers, loads of spices and endless garnishes like bacon crumbles, green onions, fresh chopped cilantro, and diced red onions. This recipe is thick, rich and has just enough sweetness that everyone asks for…

A collage of soups in one photos.

Homemade Soup Roundup

This Homemade Soup Roundup offers a variety of family approved soups for the Crock-Pot and stovetop. I know you’ll find one or two of these to be your new favorite. And they’re all gluten and dairy free with delicious taste. For real– I’m a fan of these delicious Homemade Soups year round. You’ll even find them on my menu in…

A large black bowl filled with tender potatoes, chunks of ground beef, corn, green beans, fire roasted tomato, broth, and a tomato juice combination.

Cowboy Hamburger Soup

Making a bowl of this flavorful, warming Cowboy Hamburger Soup is so simple. You’ll love how this recipe warms you up from the inside out with its tender pieces of Yukon Gold potatoes, flavorful mixed veggies, and tongue waking fire-roasted tomatoes in a tasty ground beef broth mixture that’s out of this world.  This easy homemade Cowboy Hamburger Soup is…

Lasagna soup with big tender lasagna noodles, chunks of ground beef, Italian sausage, and topped with dairy free ricotta next to 2 serving spoons.

Lasagna Soup

This easy one-pot Lasagna Soup has the flavors of homemade lasagna without all the work. You’ll find your favorite Italian ingredients perfectly simmered and ready to serve with fresh basil and topped with a dollop of dairy free ricotta to add creaminess to this soup. Made in just one pot, the flavors of this soup are comforting and delicious. This…

A bowl full of creamy potato corn chowder topped with bacon and green onions.

Potato Corn Chowder

This hearty, creamy, thick homemade Potato Corn Chowder is sure to warm your belly. Making this satisfying chowder with chunks of wholesome Golden Yukon Potatoes, piles of sunshine yellow sweet corn and tidbits of your favorite crispy bacon crumbles has never been so easy. We sure love to cozy up to a big, warm bowl of this easy homemade Potato…