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Easy Kid Snack Ideas

Anytime our children are out of school and home it guarantees we’ll be asked 53,958 times what’s for snack. Or is that just with my kids? Something tells me this is a more common situation than with just my family. And don’t get me wrong — I love every minute my kids are home. Therefore this valuable post will help…

A white platter bowl full of pretzel rods, twists, peanuts, Chex cereal, seasonings, and Whole O's cereal.

Crunchy Crock-Pot Chex Mix

As someone who loves crunchy foods, I can’t get enough of this crunchy crock-pot chex mix. In particular chex mix is wonderful when it’s been simmering in the crock-pot with a seasoned Worcestershire mixture. The flavors and textures in this snack give it the reputation as one of the ultimate snack foods. And know what else I like about this…