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A large black bowl filled with tender pasts noodles coated in a white alfredo sauce with lots of spinach and chopped sun dried tomatoes on a cutting board next to a few baked garlic breadsticks.

Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo Sauce

This creamy, cheesy alfredo sauce is loaded with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, Italian herbs, garlic, and fresh spinach coated over tender pasta noodles, and then topped with chopped basil. Sun-Dried Tomato Alfredo Sauce is an incredibly easy to make homemade recipe. And we are so excited to share this cozy, 30-minute must-try recipe with you. There won’t be any problems quickly…

A white baking pan filled with ground beef and marinara topped with 6 soft round and long manicotti pasta shells. Each shell is filled with a creamy looking white ricotta mixture. Then more ground beef and marinara sauce is spread over that with dairy free shredded cheese and spinach on top of that.


We’ve got Italian comfort food at its best with this stuffed Manicotti filled with soft spinach and creamy ricotta filling in a pan of perfectly seasoned ground beef and marinara sauce. Top with fresh parsley and dairy free cheese for an incredible meal the whole family will love. Spinach stuffed Manicotti is what dinner dreams are made of. Rich, filling,…

Pasta sauce with ricotta stuffed shells in a large baking dish

Creamy Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Welcome to your newest creamy ricotta stuffed shells recipe. You will find it hard to believe this recipe is gluten and dairy free. The ricotta, spinach, and mozzarella blend creates a wonderful-tasting ricotta mixture. It’s unbelievable, actually. Sadly, I’ve searched for 10 years to find gluten and dairy free ingredients for this dinner recipe. Thankfully, in the past year Kite…